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Space is quiet, but it doesn’t have to be about it! Space engineering fascinates us and we want to show others what’s so interesting about it. Check out what we can do together!


What would life on Mars be like? Will space tourism be available to everyone in the near future? How much do sci-fi movies have in common with reality?

We will answer these and many other questions during the lecture. Something good for everyone - regardless of age or knowledge level.

Take an otherworldly journey with us. Martian bases, flying cities on Venus, drones on Titan? The direction is up to you!

Workshops and trainings

Hello, this is Earth! Have you always wanted to plan a mission - to the Moon, to Titan, or maybe to the Sun? Or would you like to become a space architect and design your own base on another planet? Or would you rather become an astronaut and go in search of life in space?

Let's make a rocket. Let's design a rover. Or maybe let's build a Martian base after all?

One thing is for sure! Nothing teaches teamwork like trying to survive in space. Space workshop is an ideal proposition.


Houston, we have a problem! The mission to Mars is not necessarily going as straight as planned. Take on the role of the space crew and make sure the mission to the Red Planet is a success. How about we move further into the future and build... a Martian city? Is colonizing another planet easy?
We can implement these and other space game scenarios for children, as well as adult versions.

How can we help you?


Missions, bases, robots or sci-fi movies - space themes never end


Technical and team-building - space can help you achieve different goals


Build a colony, search for life on Mars or conduct scientific experiments - there are many possibilities


Don't limit yourself - create an entire event with a space theme


Bring a little bit of space to Earth and show it to others


Cosmic texts on various topics


Space activities are a great way to spend time


Take advantage of our cosmic knowledge - we will tell you how to take your project into space