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What happens when a crew of friends decides that just drinking coffee isn’t enough? If these friends happen to be architects, roboticists and designers, they decide to… drink more coffee while doing something cosmic! 


That’s how the Innspace group was formed. The goal was simple – to use our experience to do something cool together! It started with one, common project. It drew us in so much that we plan to do many more together! 


We invite you to join us on this journey. Check the flight schedule and get on board. We are taking off!

członkowie zespołu innspace pozują do zdjęcia grupowego w czerwonych kombinezonach na terenie Alvernia Studios
projects carried out
publications (and more on the way!)
months of working together
this is how many pages the longest report was

Life without passion would be boring. Ours is out of this world! It started several years ago and since then cosmic activities occupy our free time. And we do not regret it! We hope that we will interest you in this subject as well. 

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We bring the cosmos down to earth! If you need to add something cosmic to your projects, be sure to see what we offer.

We are preparing something cool for everyone interested in space, but patience required, the opening is yet to come.

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