Innspace – a state on Mars

A message straight from Mars: we celebrate 100 years of independence!

Innspace group has unveiled a new design for a Mars base. After last year’s success and taking 5th place in the final of the Mars Colony Prize competition, this time they have designed a state for one million people. They tell about it in an unusual way – in the form of a special edition of the Martian newspaper. 

“There is no better way to show everyday life on Mars in a few hundred years than to show a slice of life on that planet. The newspaper seemed to us a great way to convey our idea. We invite everyone to read it and have fun while travelling many kilometers further and many years into the future,” encourages Justyna Pelc, the group leader. 

Village X jars

The concept prepared by the team is a federation composed of several city-states, with the main point in the capital called Ideapolis, which houses 700,000 inhabitants. It developed in three phases, which is easily seen in its structure divided into three districts. The first circle is the post-industrial district. Social buildings are found there, in the remains of old mines that are no longer in use. The second circle is the originally office district. It is where the tallest buildings are located, which have the best view of Mars. Today it is a business & apartments district. The third circle was created last. It forms a residential area. The creation of this area was a response to the rapid population growth in relation to housing. There is an economic and technological zone near the capital.

Cities are usually located near deposits and are a natural extension of the first mine villages. One of the cities is also Ideacity, based on the group’s previous project (read more)Most locations are connected by Hyperloop railroads, although sub-orbital transport is also possible between them.

“We also took care of the little nuances and Martian sayings. Hence the ‘Village X jars’ or the dialect in one of the towns. Such flavors add authenticity to our project” – says Beata Suścicka, responsible for architecture in the project.

A biological revolution?

Developing such a large base on Mars requires adapting our bodies to the conditions on that planet, such as reduced gravity. Therefore, in such a distant future we could expect another revolution – this time biological. The team proposed a combination of artificial intelligence and human mind. The human becomes a symbiont. This would allow us to expand our cognitive senses, have better and greater assimilation of information, and even control the processes around us.

“The collaboration of modern technology and the mind would allow people to communicate with others without the need for communication devices. Special lenses could display images and information and additionally allow the mind to function better by sending harmless magnetic waves that stimulate neurological processes of the brain.” – says Magdalena Labowska, member of the Innspace group.

OFF-MARS competitions

An extremely important element in this competition is social issues. How should society function in Martian conditions? How does it spend its free time? What is the culture like and what sports do the Martians practice? How to make their everyday life interesting?

That is why the Martians go on vacation to Mars Ice Town, located at the pole of the planet, or to a spa on one of the moons – Phobos. They have gardens in their homes, where genetically modified monstera reign, and they can order any artist to their doors. They play basketball and have their own version of the Olympics. They have just opened an off-road track, to which queues are already forming. 

You definitely can’t complain about boredom on Mars.

Read the Martian paper:

We invite you on an extraordinary journey into the future… to Mars. The 20-page special edition of the official Innspace newspaper is now available!

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